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Travel Nursing:

Spiritual Healing: Traveler Opportunities With the Indian Health Service,” Healthcare Traveler, April 2011 (Nxtbook link)
The Navajo Nation offers inspiring landscapes for travel nurses, but providing much-needed care to Native Americans grants travelers an even deeper sense of purpose.

“Crisis Nursing in Haiti: One Traveler’s Tale,” Healthcare Traveler, October 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Eleven days in a Port-au-Prince tent hospital renewed travel nurse VJ Gibbins’ dedication to patient care.

“Nurses and Physicians: The Art of Communication and Collaboration,” Healthcare Traveler, October 2010 (Nxtbook link)
An informative introduction will open a dialogue with your doctors and launch strong clinical partnerships at each travel nursing assignment.

“Getting Started as an Emergency Department Travel Nurse,” Healthcare Traveler, September 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Travelers’ and recruiters’ tips for your first assignment and a successful career.

“Ten Don’ts: Steer Clear of These Travel Nursing Pitfalls,” Healthcare Traveler, July 2010 (Nxtbook link)
We asked nurses and recruiters which actions and attitudes to avoid for a more successful career. Here are 10 of their best tips.

“Relationships on the Road: Managing Family Ties While on Assignment,” Healthcare Traveler, February 2010 (Nxtbook link)
With today’s technology, and a routine for staying in touch, travelers can be closer to home than ever.

“Ten for 2010: Top Resolutions for Travelers,” Healthcare Traveler, January 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Travel nurses hit the new decade running with these personal and professional goals.


“RN Magazine’s 2009 Nurse Benefits Survey,” RN Magazine, September 2009
Despite the recession, many nurses have retained or expanded their benefits packages, especially those working part time. But some did suffer setbacks.

“RN Magazine’s 2009 Nurse Earnings Survey,” RN Magazine, July 2009
America’s nurses defied economic gloom with solid raises since our 2007 survey. Learn how nurses in your specialty, facility type, or state fared against the national average.

“Vaccination: Compliance and Controversy,” RN Magazine, May 2009
Universal vaccination initiatives often meet with resistance from patients, parents, and even healthcare professionals.

“Medic to the Stars,” RN Magazine, August 2007
Set nurse Kathy Cossu keeps cast and crew safe from dangers on screen and off.

Locum Tenens Physicians:

“Pursuing Passions,” Locum Life, November 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Locum tenens careers can help you pursue your favorite leisure activities and even enable new interests to grow. Learn how some of your fellow physicians have merged their hobbies with their mobile practices.

“Going Beyond the Handshake: Collaborating Effectively on Locum Contracts,” Locum Life, October 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Each interaction with your colleagues is a chance to demonstrate respect, share knowledge, and improve your patient care.

“A Little Locum Music: Physicians Who Know How to Use Their Instruments,” Locum Life, August 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Meet three doctors who know the real meaning of “Practice, practice, practice!”

“On the Reservation: Providing Locum Tenens to Native Americans,” Locum Life, May 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Fill critical healthcare gaps and enjoy America’s natural splendor with the Indian Health Service.

“Long-Distance Locums: Taking That First Step Away From Home,” Locum Life, April 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Locum tenens recruiters and providers share tips on keeping the family bond strong.

The Many Faces of ‘Me’ Time: How Locum Tenens Doctors Balance Work and Life,” Locum Life, March 2010 (Nxtbook link)
Embrace the flexible scheduling of the locum tenens lifestyle with these ideas for securing and enjoying your downtime.