“Pursuing Passions”: New article on locum tenens physicians’ hobbies

MY LATEST ARTICLE for Locum Life magazine, “Pursuing Passions,” has quite possibly the greatest opening photo you’ll see in my written work so far. If you dig llamas, you need to jump over to the online digital image and see Dr. Sophie Dojacques, owner and operator of the Silver Creek Animal Sanctuary, with one of […]

A Trio of New Articles!

I HAD A VERY PRODUCTIVE late summer, and the fruits of my writing labors are now online for your perusal: “Nurses and Physicians: The Art of Communication and Collaboration” An informative introduction will open a dialogue with your doctors and launch strong clinical partnerships at each travel nursing assignment. “Going Beyond the Handshake: Collaborating Effectively […]

New Locum Life article: “A Little Locum Music”

NEW ARTICLE ALERT! The August 2010 issue of Locum Life magazine is out in both print and electronic forms, and I’m privileged to have written the cover story: “A Little Locum Music: Physicians Who Know How to Use Their Instruments“: Are you the owner of a slightly rusty set of pipes that hasn’t been raised […]

New Locum Life article on Indian Health Service work

I’M HAPPY TO REPORT I’ve had another article published in Locum Life magazine, this one in the May 2010 issue. The piece, “On the Reservation: Providing Locum Tenens to Native Americans,” is available in print and via Locum Life’s Nxtbook site. This one is an introduction to the range of opportunities available to locum tenens […]

New Locum Life article: “Long-Distance Locums”

MY NEWEST PUBLISHED ARTICLE, “Long-Distance Locums: Taking That First Step Away from Home,” has just gone up along with the rest of the April 2010 Locum Life magazine as a Nxtbook image. Calling upon the experience of several medical-recruiting industry sources and two active locum tenens physicians, the article begins as follows: Has the prospect […]

New Locum Life article: “The Many Faces of ‘Me’ Time”

I’M PLEASED TO SHARE my first new article for Locum Life magazine, Advanstar’s publication for locum tenens physicians: “The Many Faces of ‘Me’ Time: How Locum Tenens Doctors Balance Work and Life.” An excerpt: Fishing, hiking, tourism and, of course, golf—the activities often cited as the benefits of a locum tenens lifestyle might seem like […]