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Editorial Freelancers Association Conference Intro Post

Greetings! I wanted to introduce myself in greater depth to anyone I’ve met at the EFA’s national conference in New York City and who arrived here via Google, LinkedIn, or my business card. If we only had time for a few words between sessions, or if we met at a long-ago EFA function and you need […]

ACES 2016 Introduction Post!

Greetings! If we’ve just met at the 2016 American Copy Editors Society conference in Portland, or you’ve arrived here from the URL on my business card, welcome! I wanted to post a more extensive introduction for anyone I’m meeting for the first time, in case we chatted only briefly between sessions, or as a refresher for anyone I haven’t seen […]

Declining an Offer I Can’t Refuse: Saying “No” ahead of a Future “Yes”

I said “no” to a project that would have paid three months of my rent, but I feel like I’ve gained rather than lost. Here’s why.

Tracking My Freelance Business Time, or No Second Left Behind

Freelancers quickly learn how to track their hours spent on projects to ensure they’re getting paid what they’re worth. But how many of us track time doing taxes, installing software, or hunting for work? How I started recording that “lost” time so I could charge enough to cover the cost of running my solo freelance publishing practice.

How One Freelance Copy Editor (Mostly) Quit Caffeine

Caffeine drives much of the freelance world past earthly limits to help solo workers of all stripes crush deadlines. So why would I part ways with this magic molecule?

“Spiritual Healing”: New Article on Travel Nursing at Indian Health Service Facilities

FOR TRAVEL NURSES seeking a new understanding of America’s earliest residents, and an adventure across some of America’s most gorgeous and remote reaches, my most recent article for Healthcare Traveler magazine, “Spiritual Healing: Traveler Opportunities With the Indian Health Service,” will help them explore this career option through the eyes of two of their enthusiastic […]

“Pursuing Passions”: New article on locum tenens physicians’ hobbies

MY LATEST ARTICLE for Locum Life magazine, “Pursuing Passions,” has quite possibly the greatest opening photo you’ll see in my written work so far. If you dig llamas, you need to jump over to the online digital image and see Dr. Sophie Dojacques, owner and operator of the Silver Creek Animal Sanctuary, with one of […]

A Trio of New Articles!

I HAD A VERY PRODUCTIVE late summer, and the fruits of my writing labors are now online for your perusal: “Nurses and Physicians: The Art of Communication and Collaboration” An informative introduction will open a dialogue with your doctors and launch strong clinical partnerships at each travel nursing assignment. “Going Beyond the Handshake: Collaborating Effectively […]

New Article on Emergency Department Travel Nursing

AHEAD OF THE Emergency Nurses Association convention, Healthcare Traveler will feature an article on how staff emergency department (ED) nurses can break into the world of travel nursing. I got the call to write this one, and the resultant piece, “Getting Started as an Emergency Department Travel Nurse,” is now available in dead-tree and digital […]

New Locum Life article: “A Little Locum Music”

NEW ARTICLE ALERT! The August 2010 issue of Locum Life magazine is out in both print and electronic forms, and I’m privileged to have written the cover story: “A Little Locum Music: Physicians Who Know How to Use Their Instruments“: Are you the owner of a slightly rusty set of pipes that hasn’t been raised […]