“Spiritual Healing”: New Article on Travel Nursing at Indian Health Service Facilities

FOR TRAVEL NURSES seeking a new understanding of America’s earliest residents, and an adventure across some of America’s most gorgeous and remote reaches, my most recent article for Healthcare Traveler magazine, “Spiritual Healing: Traveler Opportunities With the Indian Health Service,” will help them explore this career option through the eyes of two of their enthusiastic […]

A Trio of New Articles!

I HAD A VERY PRODUCTIVE late summer, and the fruits of my writing labors are now online for your perusal: “Nurses and Physicians: The Art of Communication and Collaboration” An informative introduction will open a dialogue with your doctors and launch strong clinical partnerships at each travel nursing assignment. “Going Beyond the Handshake: Collaborating Effectively […]

New Article on Emergency Department Travel Nursing

AHEAD OF THE Emergency Nurses Association convention, Healthcare Traveler will feature an article on how staff emergency department (ED) nurses can break into the world of travel nursing. I got the call to write this one, and the resultant piece, “Getting Started as an Emergency Department Travel Nurse,” is now available in dead-tree and digital […]

New Healthcare Traveler article: 10 Don’ts for Travel Nurses

I’VE GOT A NEW ARTICLE out in Healthcare Traveler magazine, the choice of travel nurses and travel-nursing companies for the latest on the industry. This one is a best-practices list in the form of a list of 10 “don’ts.” It’s the second “Ten for 2010” article I’ve written for HT, the first being a timely […]